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Friday, June 18, 2010

From babies to little kids

ou hate to rush the your little one's itty bitty years, but the triplets are now 3 years 8 months and are becoming more independent each day.  They are able to work the stair baby gate and have free run of the house.  Cody, however being one month short of 2 is stuck downstairs crying.  He is always too little or too young to do what the triplets are doing and I feel soooo sorry for him.  I am ready for him to be part of the triplets play group and I'm ready to be free of diapers, baby gates, changing tables, and all the other baby clutter around the house.  But, I don't want to rush him outgrowing his chubby baby thighs, his wet baby kisses, and sweet little baby hands and feet....

Yes, we are done having kids....  I do wish I could be pregnant again and give birth again because it's a highlight in my life like my wedding, but our family is complete and we are slowly slipping away from enjoying babies to enjoying our growing children.

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  1. Oh my goodness, triplets and another litle one. I can only imagine! Your photographs are stunning. You've really got an eye! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday. The name of your blog caught my eye! Have a great weekend!


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