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Friday, August 26, 2011

Cody's Well Child - 3 years

Ok, you were probably expecting more vacation, but my kids well child visits trump vacation, so this comes 1st....

Well, Cody had his well child this morning and it was a piece of cake. The three year well child is such a breeze. Essentially, they looked him over and asked a few questions. No shots. They also confirmed what I already knew, we are raising a football player.

Here are all the kids stats at 3 Years - you can see what a bruiser my baby Cody is:
Addison 28lbs
Kaylee 25lbs 12oz
Jadon 28lbs 4oz
Cody 36 lbs 12oz

Addison 37.75
Kaylee 37
Jadon 37.75
Cody 39.25

Addison 21st
Kaylee 5th
Jadon 14th
Cody 88th

Addison 66th
Kaylee 47th
Jadon 56th
Cody 82nd

The nurse and the doctor both loved him because he is not shy at all and is all personality.  He'd high five, chit chat and do what ever they wanted with a laugh.  Adorable!!!!  While he can challenge me at home and is a hand full I must admit, he always makes me proud when out and about... he was good as gold this morning and is getting to be such a little man.  (I LOVE you BABY)!!!!

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