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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Week in Review....

On Saturday, the girls danced in their second ballet recital.  In the last recital they danced as Sleeping Beauty and this time they were Snow White and I have to say the were MUCH MUCH better.  In fact, I think Addison was the best one in the show with Kaylee as close second.  Kaylee just lost focus a few times, but she knew the dance and did a fantastic job as well.  It was a real treat to see it live since Jerry and I had to be out of town for their 1st performance and had to watch it on video upon returning home.

Addison was sick the morning of the dance and we had illnesses throughout the weekend to include vomiting, but it was short lived and we are all healthy again.

On Monday, Cody attended his 1st school field trip.  Jerry took off work and we took him to the Oil Ranch    (where the triplets went last year).  It was good spending a little time with his class and his teachers and he felt soooo special to have this time without the triplets.  He got to ride a horse, play in hay piles... we rode a train and a hayride and did several other things.  It was hot!!  But a good time was had by all and he fell asleep on the way home.





  1. Looks like you've been having fun! Love all the photos.

  2. The girls look so cute and happy! One on one time is so special - I'm glad to hear that Cody had a great time.

  3. How awesome! Gorgeous shots. Looks like so much fun!

  4. How fun & boy you sure have had a PACKED week!! Hope the birthday party went well- you were on my mind all weekend. I can't believe they are 5 already!! Can't wait for more updates! I'm sure it was fabulous-


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