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Friday, December 9, 2011

Roughing It

Ok, I'm always busy around the holiday's... but holy cow.  If Santa really did it all.... wouldn't that be nice.

Just a few things....  Thanksgiving was super fun but I think the highlight (thanks to my husband) was the camping trip.  Where did we camp you might ask...  Well, we camped out under the cover of our outdoor kitchen in the backyard.  We watched a movie on the TV, got drinks out of the fridge, and had shelter from the rain which came during the night.  Roughing it for sure....  This was my kind of camping.

We had the kids cots and a king size trundle mattress for us all in the monster sized tent.  I really didn't think I'd make it through the night and fully expected to go in the house at some point, but I slept great.  We told scary stories and then watched Shrek on TV (told you it was rough - ha).  I thought Jerry was CRAZY when he said he wanted to camp out in the back yard... but a good time was had by all.  Thanks honey... you were right.



  1. Oh my, what a precious picture. Love the Santa!! And your camping trip is about how I like mine for sure!!

  2. Camping- you brave woman!!! We have yet to do that as a family. I'm such a wimp :) You never cease to inspire me Tracy!

  3. This is such an awesome picture! I remember camping in the backyard with my dad a few times when I was growing up. Once a year my mom would go to Girl Scout Leader Camp, and Dad and I would pitch a tent in the woods. Those are some of my favorite memories, for sure! We don't have woods around our house, and even if we did, I certainly don't consider myself much of a camper. :) I love the idea of what you did...I'm sure it was just as magical for your crew.

    Happy New Year, Miss Tracy!


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