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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lots of Lunches

School.... again...  it is kinda a pain packing lunches everyday, BUT not as bad as it was fixing lunch at home everyday.  The kids are such picky eaters that fixing lunch was as much work as fixing a dinner... cooking eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, broccoli... etc.  Now, I've got it down to a pretty streamline system.

I would LOVE to purchase lunch for the kids everyday... but we do have to watch our money and it's just too expensive when purchasing for multiple kids.  I will purchase the Friday meal from time to time... PIZZA Fridays...but not every week.

We are about to have our 1st visit from the tooth fairy.  Kaylee has all of her 6 year molars and has two front bottom teeth coming in behind her baby teeth.  The baby teeth are very loose and I expect one to come out any day now.

Ok... some pics of Kaylee & Jadon at the beach:


  1. these shots are SOOOO precious!! I really love the last one!

  2. They are absolutely adorable. It seems like just yesterday my daughter lost her final baby tooth and we had the last visit from the tooth fairy. She just started middle school and these precious days go by so fast.


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