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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Costumes and Roller Skates

We survived the weekend of illness and everyone seems to be doing better... so here is a little catch up...

At the end of October, the triplets turned 6 years old and we had their 1st birthday party with friends from school.  They have had parties in the past with our friends children and neighbors, but this was the 1st were they got to invite friends from school.  I'm not a huge fan of big parties for children and all the school friends... I swear we get an invite every week and we attend as many as we can so I held off having one, but the kids are getting old enough to know what they really want and this is what they wanted.

We had it at a skating rink and it was a BLAST!!  The rink has PVC "walkers" on wheels that the kids can use to keep them up... they are awesome!!!  This was the triplets 2nd time skating and Kaylee gave up her walker and was skating on her own.  I had no idea a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds could have so much fun on wheels!!

A few days later, we suited up for Trick or Treating....  In tow we had a Stealth Ninja, Captain American (or Aquamarine... Cody kept calling himself Aquamarine??), Minnie Mouse, and an Indian Princess.  Along with Trick or Treating we attended a Halloween Event by the Houston Symphony during the week, I decorated 3 cakes, and I am room Mom at the Triplets school and ran the party and craft event for 18 kids...

Yep, pretty pooped when it was all over... but it was worth every minute!!!

The cakes (Addison OU, Jadon UT, and Kaylee "Hello Kitty")

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