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Thursday, March 21, 2013


This past weekend we took the kids to the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and met up with friends. We had gone a couple years ago and had a great time, but this year was not all we had hoped...

Jadon had been suffering from terrible allergies with swollen eyes that he rubbed raw, so when we applied sunscreen, it burned and he was crying and emotional the whole day.  Then, they changed the road adding a median, so 1/2 of the parade was on one side of the street and 1/2 was on the other side and they were staggered.  So you'd see 2 or 3 "floats" then you'd have to wait for the other side of the street to see 2 or 3.  As a result, the goodies thrown from the floats (mostly marde gras necklaces) were cut in half.  They also seemed VERY stingy with the goodies this year, so I constantly had a child crying or unhappy about not getting goodies...

It was rough... so I doubt we do it again.  There was a nice guy there with his son and he had green hair paint and offered to paint all the kids hair green.

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