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Friday, November 15, 2013

He Shoots… He Scores…

Occasionally there are moments in your life that you record into your memory and you replay over and over again….

Last Saturday was one of those moments.  Every Saturday we watch the kids play soccer and Cody who is on a team by himself is a little rock star and scores a significant amount of goals for his team.  The triplets play together on another team….  they are not the strongest players…

Addison has improved over the season and recently even scored a goal and I was thrilled beyond words, but the other day Jadon made a goal.  Jadon has always tried, but just isn't an aggressive or competitive little guy.  A few weeks ago however he found a strategic spot where the ball comes to him from time to time and he can take it down field, but he is always overcome by the other team….  but it has built his confidence.  On Saturday, he got the ball several times and even started to get in the mix and fight for the ball a little.

Well, they were getting killed by the other team (they have never won a game), but at the end of the last quarter Jadon and Addison took the ball down field toward the goal, Addison kicked but the goalie stopped it and kicked it back… it went to Jadon… he kicked…. and it WENT IN!!!!!!!!

His reaction is etched into my brain!!!  He surprised himself and stopped in a moment of disbelief, but when he realized he had actually scored he did a quick fist pump (I guess that's what you'd call it) and he seriously couldn't contain his smile.

The final whistle blew and while we lost the game…. we walked away on top of the world.  He walked down the line congratulating the other team with a huge smile…

but my smile was bigger!!!!

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