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Friday, October 23, 2015

Cheer and Honor Roll and Sports.

This year the kids school starting cheerleading and girls are part of the squad.  They are so young and lack real cheer skills but it's fun and we are enjoying going to games.

Today was honor roll after Mass.  We have noticed a real step in school challenges with the 3rd grade.  Jason made one B (a 90) putting him on Academic Honor Roll (all As and no more than 3 Bs)  Addison and Kaylee also made Academic Honor Roll and Cody made Principal's Honor Roll (All A's).

We are struggling a lot with 3rd grade and Addison just can't seem to get her head in the game.  Fingers crossed we meet this challenge and 4th grade is smoother....

Right now, Jadon and Addison are playing soccer and Cody and Kaylee are playing basketball so our Saturday's are pretty busy.  Overall they are doing really great.  Better than when they all played soccer a few years ago.  Cody is just a natural at sports.  Kaylee lacks confidence and size so she is actually playing down a level w/Cody and seems to fit right in.  Jadon shocks me...  he is soooo into soccer and is actually showing some aggression and hustle.  Who is this boy?????

Cody after playing outside at the football game!!!

And just for fun... on crazy sock day at school....


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