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Friday, December 19, 2008

Nothing stays the same....

Well, We have entered a new phase with at least one of our kids. This afternoon the babies were put down for naps, just like any other day. I heard the girls talking and playing, but figured they would go down soon. Instead, the laughing escalated so I went up to tell them to settle down only to find Addison in Kaylee's crib and the two of them playing. After a severe scolding, I placed Addison back in her bed, "WE DO NOT GET OUT OF OUR BED, GO TO SLEEP." An hour later I hear a door upstairs opening and closing repeatedly. On my way up stairs to confront my escapee daughter, I run into her on the stairs. Once again, MAJOR PUNISHMENT and back to bed. She will not be rewarded by getting out of bed. Not even a few minutes later, I hear a thud upstairs and find Addison once again out of her crib and standing next to Kaylee's crib..... AGGGGGGGG..... the nap isn't over yet. I may continue this saga later, but we may be moving to beds very soon.... uuuugggghhhhh and they aren't even 26 months old yet. I planned to keep them in cribs til they left for college.

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  1. You make me laugh and realize thankfully it does get a bit easier. I forget that when we're doing homework x 3 and getting a little attitude. ;) I'll warn you...just a little after that age we ended up having one of our girls nap in the spare room - for some reason they would sleep at night together ok, but naps were another story. And once you get them in beds, they seem so little in them!


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