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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sunday we went to church and then over to Lupe Tortillas with Mom and Dad for lunch and let the babies play in the sandbox. Jerry and I had also taken the babies to Lupe's on Saturday, but they didn't get to play as it was blowing and cold so we all sat inside. Upon leaving, a couple next to us commented on what a beautiful family we have and how well behaved our children were. I have to admit they were very good... a Christmas miracle. We are making progress and it's getting a little bit easier day by day. But, nothing makes the kids happier than to run around.... so our next trip really hit the spot. Some friends of ours daughter graduated from high school early and is starting A&M in January so they had a graduation party at their house. They live out in Hockley with several acres of land, so the babies were able to run free and burn off some energy. They also made some new friends.

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