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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ebay Junkie....

I recently started selling on Ebay and now I think I'm addicted. I'm looking for anything I can sell... I sold our triplet stroller since we had to move up to a quad stroller with the birth of Cody and I've started selling the clothes the kids have outgrown (with some heartache as I remember them in these little outfits, but I can't keep everything). The money I've gotten for the kids clothes so far I have since spent on new clothes, but I feel like they are getting a whole new wardrobe for free or close to free!! I've always shopped on Ebay, but have fallen in love with selling.

After all, my husband works way too hard for the money for me to go and throw it away and he wants to retire SOON!!!! The less we spend, the more we SAVE!!!! Yippee!!!

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