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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Perfect Storm

As I've stated in previous posts, life with our brood has gotten much easier and on occasion the stars align in such a way that all the kids are happy and a joy, but on increasingly more rare occasions the stars curse us and align in such a way that every child is moody, whiney, needy, and LOUD. This was our night last night. While one might try to imagine what it sounds like with 4 crying and screaming babies, you really have to live it to understand how your muscles begin to tighten, your sense of humor begins to shorten, and your own voice begins to rise. The crys range from "Boo Boo" to "Blow Nose" to "Drink", to just plain old screaming. Kaylee was crying because Jerry just wasn't sitting where she wanted him to sit.... fortunately, these times are becoming fewer and fewer, but when the perfect storm strikes... look out!!

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