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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Emergency

The kids had a wonderful Easter this year. They went to a community Easter egg hunt on Saturday and met the Easter bunny and then we all went to Church Easter morning. Later that afternoon my Mom fixed a Easter meal and we had another egg hunt. A perfect day aside from some normal whining.... We put the babies down for naps a while later heard Kaylee screaming then I heard Jerry screaming, "Oh My TRACY!!!! HURRY!!!" Kaylee was covered in blood coming from her mouth and screaming. At quick glance we saw the skin inside her mouth laying open so I rushed her to emergency so quickly I forgot to put on shoes and my Mom went with me. I was glad Mom was there and Kaylee is sooo close to her. The doctors worked slowly with Kaylee and after some codeine and rest, Kaylee layed on my Mom and let the doctors stitch her up. She was very brave.... Her mouth is a mess and she has a ton of stitches in her mouth, but is doing ok. She apparently was reaching for a toy on the floor and fell out of her bed and landed on the bedframe (the wood siderail that holds the mattresses up) of Addison's bed. Oh, the girls looked beautiful Easter morning in pink dresses and Easter bonnets and the boys in matching blue overall shorts, but I couldn't get everyone to hold still for photos.....

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