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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I signed the consent form....

"Many children are born with an underdeveloped tear-duct system, a problem that can lead to tear-duct blockage, excess tearing, and infection. Blocked tear ducts are a fairly common problem in infants; as many as one third may be born with this condition. Fortunately, more than 90% of all cases resolve by the time kids are 1 year old with little or no treatment. "

Ever since Cody was born he has had clogged tear ducts which has not allowed his eyes to properly drain into his sinus cavity. Addison had it up until about 5 months without much issue. Cody however has been having reoccurring infections due to the problem. Therefore, his pediatrician referred him to an opthamologist and a decision was made that it was time to "probe the ducts." In children over a year, they are sedated for the procedure but the anesthesia risk is higher in children under one year so they are restrained instead....

Well, yesterday Cody had his ducts probed and I watched in pain & horror through it all. I had the option to leave the room, but felt a need to be with him even if he didn't know I was there and my dad was there for support. He was strapped down on a papoose board and his head restrained while probes (not one but many) were inserted into his ducts over and over again. When the blockage (which is at the bottom of the duct by the nose) was cleared he bled a LOT from the mouth, nose, and eyes (since they are all connected through the nasal cavity) all the time screaming.... Then we did the next eye. All in all the procedure took about 10 minutes, but felt like an eternity. The procedure is about 85% effective the 1st time, but sometimes has to be repeated and balloons placed in the ducts to stretch them out. If it doesn't work this time for him, he will have to be sedated next time for a more aggressive approach (ha, like this wasn't aggressive). I pray this takes care of it. Here is a photo of the brave little man a couple hours after the procedure. If you click and blow it up you can see the dried blood in his nose, poor guy.
Today, he is looking fine and doesn't seem to remember a thing, but I will remember it my whole life!!!!!
P.S. Thanks Dad for going with me!!!!

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