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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not enough on the plate... now we are moving....

The only time Jerry and I can talk without constant interruption is when we load the kids in the car with a dvd. So often we load up when he gets home from work and talk about our day while the kids watch a short video. As a result, we have gotten to know our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods very well. I also get emails from Houston Association of Realtors when new homes go on the market to keep up with the area. As a result, we found a deal we couldn't pass up. One of the builders in a new subdivision next to ours is going under and dropped the price on a newly built home to try and sell it prior to foreclosure. The price was good enough to peak our interest. We looked at the home on Sunday, made an offer the next day and were told we had to close the following Monday or the home would go into foreclosure. So, one week later we closed on a new home. YIKES!!!! The home is beautiful and we are excited, but still a bit shocked. Now, I have triplets plus one, Christmas, and a move "Oh My"...... Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!!!! Oh yea... I also have a home to sell.

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