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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home Is Where the Heart Is....

We are moved in as well as we can be until the old house sells (we still have furniture to show the house over there). We put in on the market yesterday and now we sit and wait. The kids have handled the move without too much difficulty. The 1st few days the girls didn't sleep at naptime although naps are mandatory, so they sat in their rooms and read books. I hadn't darkened their rooms which may have been part of the problem. But now, I have their old dark out shades pinned up until we get our shutters. A couple times they've said they want to go to their old house, but for the most part they are fine. While our new house is "fancier", it's hard leaving the old house. It functioned well and it holds a lot of memories. The kids rooms were close together and shared a Jack&Jane bathroom in the old house, but the girls got a much bigger room in the new house which they needed. The kitchen in the new house is huge and functions great, so I'm trying to cook more... ugh!! It will take some time to break in the new house and make it feel like home, but we are in!!!!
Our Old House (winter photo, brown grass)

Our New House (summer photo, pretty green grass)

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  1. I am just so amazed by this site. You have done a wonderful job! You have also done a wonderful job with your wonderful babies. All four of them are polite, respectful and God loving children!


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