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Friday, January 29, 2010

Off to See the Doctor....

Today, Kaylee goes to the doctor... she has had some nasal congestion and yesterday woke with a goopy puffy eye which got better throughout the day. She was funny, after I cleaned up her eye I got a "Thanks Mom, Thanks for cleaning up my eye. It's not stuck aaannnyyymmmorrreee." Not sure where she picked up calling me Mom instead of Mommy, but I think it's cute. I know it's due to the congestion putting pressure on her tear duct and trapping the bacteria irritating the eye, but last night she was up several times asking to blow her nose and just crying. Fortunately, a quick nose blow and a few kisses and she goes right back down. Once again, I am sooooo glad we sleep trained our children. They have never given us any problems with regard to sleep and they have never slept anywhere except their beds (or designated spots in hotel rooms) so we don't get any whining when it's time for bed.... ahhhh, one thing we did right.... food is another issue though. Well, I digress. Needless to say, we are off to see the doctor.

Update.... just woke the kids and Kaylee seems ok, but Addison has goopy eyes.... gesh, I just don't know.....

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