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Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Fun Than A Fairy Tale

Back in April we took the kids to see Disney on Ice, actually their Mamaw and Pawpaw treated us all to the event including GG (great grandma). This was our 3rd time to see the ice spectacular and it never is a disappointment. The 1st time we went it never crossed our mind to wear princess dresses, but this time I was actually on my game and made sure we showed up fit for a fairy tale. The girls sported their hand made pink dresses (of course not made by me, but their Mamaw) and the boys wore their home made prince capes and crowns (thanks again to my Mom). Adorable!!!!

Heading off to the event... oh the excitement!!!






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  1. How FUN!!!! Love seeing you in the last shot & I can't believe how big he kids are getting! HUGS!


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