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Monday, June 18, 2012

Three Little Fishes

This year we decided to sign the kids up for swim team. We see the Cuda signs all over the neighborhood. We have friends who have participated in swim team for years and highly encouraged us to jump in.... so we did.

We tried to sign up Cody, but unfortunately he was about 6 weeks too young although he swims just as well as the triplets. So, he had to sit it out. That was the 1st problem. I had to take the triplets to swim practice every day and had Cody to keep entertained. Fortunately, my mom came to my rescue and took him in the afternoons while the kids swam (thank you Mom... always my hero).

Next problem... the kids swim all over our pool all the time!!! They are little fish... but they don't swim freestyle and backstroke. When the coaches tried to teach these strokes it's like they broke the kids... they looked like they had never been in water before. I am happy to report they overcame and could in fact swim the length of the pool, but they lacked in grace and speed.

Next issue, you have to volunteer at each meet or pay $200. I signed up to be a tent parent and help the kids get where they are suppose to be.... well, you end up spending all your time in the tent and you don't get to see much. Now when I say you spend all your time... this is what I mean....

Check-in for meets is generally 7:00am (which means we get up at 5:00am), the kids warm up for about 2 minutes, then we sit in the HOT tent until about 9:30 when the kids swim freestyle. Woo Hoo, 2 minutes of screaming, cheering and rooting for those gorgeous babies. I am the proudest Mom in the world when they reach the end (even if they are in the last heat with no chance of placing). Then, it's back to the tent until 11:30 when they swim backstroke. Let me just add, 4/6 year olds swimming back stroke is hilarious. Finally, HOT and worn out trying to keep the kids entertained we head home.

It's a BRUTAL activity. Right now, we are not planning to sign them up next year, but maybe like giving birth we will forget and do it again. I think the kids enjoyed it and I am happy to report that they got ribbons each week for personal best records.


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  1. Oh my goodness mama! That sounds exhausting. At least they are having fun (I hope)


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