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Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally, Really? A post???


The things kids say.... as I've mentioned in the past, my Mom comes over every week morning to help me out.  The other day, we were all over at the studio and the kids were coloring on cardboard pieces of a cardboard box.

Jadon was making a card for his MaMaw.  He asked me, "How do you spell MaMaw"  I told him.  "How do you spell 'coming'.... followed by "How do you spell 'thing."?  Moments, later he showed me  the card he made for my Mom.

It said, "MaMaw, coming over is a love thing."

My heart just melted!!!  He is the sweetest thing on the planet I swear.  He doesn't have a mean or aggressive bone in his body and oooozzesss kindness.

The poor guy did get a shot of penicillin in his bottom yesterday.  We have had a breakout of strep throat in our house that we just can't seem to shake, so we've gone from oral treatment to hiney treatment.... not fun.

Oh, a few more things I wanted to say about Jadon: 

I think he may be bored in Kindergarten... here are some things he knows:

Pretty much all the states by sight
Some State Capitals (Sacramento, Austin, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Tallahassee, Topeka, Denver)
He knows all the planets (the biggest, the hottest, the coldest, the one on it's side axis, the smallest, the dimmest)
He know his money (how many pennies in a nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar)
He can do addition and subtraction beyond one digit (127 + 352 = 279 and 155 - 132 = 23)
He pretty much is a full blown reader (fantastic, environment etc) but still struggles with (light, fight kind of words)
He knows a ton of presidents by sight and tons of facts about them.
He can tell you every state that shares a border with Canada...

Hmmmm, I've only scratched the surface!!  

Well, my best intentions of posting every Sunday fell apart.  I am seriously busy from sun up to sun down with children and the new business.  I know I've taken on too much right now, but hope when the kids start school in August I'll find that work/life balance with a little "me" time thrown into the mix.

Tomorrow we celebrate Cody's birthday and I plan to take some pictures of the kids.  I really want to do a full blown 4 year old photo session with Cody...  I hope...

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  1. Very cool all the things he's learning. So sorry to hear that there was ickiness running through the house- that is so hard. Thinking of you my friend- hope things are going well. HUGS!


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