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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Permanent Changes

Sunday is coming to an end for another week. We went to Church this morning and I'm happy to report Cody is doing very well. Up until last week, he went to the nursery since Mass with 3 little one's had been a challenge for so long. But at this point the triplets are very well behaved and know the drill, however I had a lot of concerns adding Cody to the mix. The nursery cut off age is 4 years old, so it was finally time for Cody to grow up. This was his 2nd week attending Mass with us and he has been soooo good. I hope it's just not the novelty and this behavior continues!!!

After Church, we went to lunch with my parents (our weekly routine) and Jadon began crying that he had something in his teeth and it was hurting him. I looked around, but never saw anything and forgot about it until this evening when he began crying again when eating. Jerry grabbed a flashlight and we saw a new tooth coming in in the back of his mouth on the bottom. His 1st permanent tooth (the 6 year molar).... I seriously have been teary knowing they are growing up. My Dad said I better start taking photos before I have a bunch of toothless smiles (so true).

On another note, I purchased the kids school uniforms this week (ouch)... but thought it was funny. When the kids started pre-K 4, I stopped dressing the girls alike... one year later and they have to dress the same again. However, they don't seem to mind and they look adorable.

Ok - Jadon and the Books of the Bible... I'm so proud of this little guy.  He is sporting an injury on his mouth.  He and Addison ran into each other in the pool and bloodied his mouth.

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!! Love seeing him in action. So SMART!! Good for him for learning all that! Great work mama!


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