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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Never Quite Old Enough...

Never quite old enough
Tall enough
Strong enough
Allowed to wander far enough,
Or stay up long enough;
Taking, breaking big brother's things,
Aching to be like him.
Wishing time had wings,
Hating being little,
Excepting maybe
When mother holds her arms out
And says, "Where's my baby?"

Today, Cody turned 4 years old....  FOUR... where has the time gone???  How can he be four and still be so little?  He is the baby of the family and being the baby isn't always easy.  He is in a class all his own, he is too young for swim team and Karate and all too often his older siblings don't want to play with him.  Seems like he is never quite old enough.  But, today he tucked one more year under his belt. I have 3 five year olds and a 4 year old today... but come October the triplets turn 6.  No matter how hard he may try... Cody will always be youngest... never quite old enough... but always Mommy's baby.  Happy Birthday sweet sweet boy!

Quick Recap: Dinner at a local mexican restaurant with my parents and GG. They put whipped cream on his nose and cheeks and sang Happy Birthday. (Yay for hubby's Iphone camera)  He loved it, but didn't know what to make of it, so he had a very perplexed serious look on his face.  On the way home he said, "That westaurant is cwazy, they made me yook so siyyee (silly)."
Pool Party on Saturday with neighborhood friends... this year theme was Star Wars.

Tonight (his actual birthday day) Jerry took off work early and we took the kids to Bouncin' Bears then to dinner at Texas Roadhouse where he was put in a saddle, swinging a bandana as they sang Happy Birthday and shouted "Yee Ha".

I also have to remind myself that around this time 4 years ago, Cody was in the level 3 NICU preparing to undergo a double volume blood exchange.  Think I'll spend a few more minutes in prayer before bed this evening making sure I give thanks for this little miracle.


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  1. It certainly has gone by so quickly- seems like yesterday he was a toddler. Love the sombrero.


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