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Monday, November 10, 2008

My pregnancies - Part II - the second miracle

On November 30th, 2007 I once again learned I was pregnant a little sooner than Jerry and I had planned, but we were overjoyed. I relished the thought of a simple single baby pregnancy... no complications. HA! That was not too be. During my routine bloodwork we discovered a complication. I was RH sensitized as a result of the triplet pregnancy. What does that mean? I have a negative blood type while all my babies have a positive blood type. When my blood mixed with the triplets during their delivery, I began producing antibodies to destroy positive red blood cells. This wasn't a problem until I became pregnant again... My body began attacking the new babies blood. There is a shot called Rhogam which I received and should have prevented this problem, but it didn't work and once you are sensitized you are always sensitized. I was strongly advised this should be my last pregnancy as each subsequent pregnancy would result in sicker babies. My doctor did feel like I could get through the current pregnancy ok as this was my 1st pregnancy with the antibodies. We monitored the baby closely and he seemed to be doing ok. Little Cody was delivered early at 36 weeks 3 days once we felt he was mature enough in order to prevent him from getting jaundice and anemic in utero. Well, despite all our efforts he was born he was very sick.....

Within 24 hours he had a "Double Volume Exchange - Removal of twice the blood volume from the affected infant and replacing with fresh blood from the blood bank (exchange transfusion) is used as a treatment for severe jaundice in newborn infants. The affected infant's blood is removed in small portions and equal volume of blood is replaced during exchange transfusion. Exchange transfusion has been shown to reduce brain damage in severely jaundiced babies; however, exchange transfusion is associated with serious adverse events including death." Fortunately, he came through the exchange with flying colors and after a week in the NICU under phototherapy lights he was sent home and is doing GREAT! A perfect little boy and another miracle addition to our family.

As sick as Cody was, we were once again advised that we should not have any more children and with Cody's birth Jerry and I both felt our family was complete.... so here he is, the last of the clan.

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