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Friday, November 7, 2008

You have my prayers, President Obama...

I was heavy hearted on election day as I felt we had chosen to vote with our pocketbooks due to this global financial crisis and had overlooked many social issues we all hold so dear. While the Democratic Party won the White House as well as decisive control over both houses of Congress, exit polls found that economic issues were overwhelmingly the most important motivators for voters.

Despite the vote, the vast majority of Americans are pro-life. Obama is so committed to the expansion of abortion rights, the next four years are going to be extraordinarily challenging for the pro-life community. As a result, we must pray all the harder...

"You have my prayers, President Obama...
As has every President since I've learned how to pray. I will be praying for your conversion of heart and your dedication to life and family. Should you not have your conversion of heart, I will work tirelessly to thwart you at every turn. I will work hard to elect congressmen and senators who will oppose you, and I will work to see you unseated in four years. Should you have your conversion of heart, I will support you in your endeavors should they prove just by Catholic social teaching." -- Posted by Tony 11/7/08


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