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Saturday, November 8, 2008

My pregnancies - Part I - the first miracle(s)

Our first ultrasound…. I longingly remember our first ultrasound. The nurse said she would first look at my ovaries and then the gestational sacks and I responded, “sacks plural??” She said “yes, there is more than one”, but wouldn’t tell us how many and that we’d get to that in a minute. Then we looked at Baby A, then B, then C. Triplets!! I was overcome with Joy, Jerry I’m afraid was just in shock. My joy however quickly turned to fear as I learned more about the risks associated with carrying triplets and it was a difficult pregnancy. I had a bleed at 8 weeks, a cerclage at 13 weeks, strict bed rest at 20 weeks, gestational diabetes, a contraction monitor, weekly progesterone shots, and finally a terbutaline pump (anti-contraction drugs administered directly into the body via a pump). My wonderful parents and husband took great care of me and at 32 weeks 6 days I went in for a routine doctors appointment only to find that my blood pressure was high, baby C had not gained any weight, and her placenta was calcifying. It was time. Approximately two hours later I gave birth to Addison (3 lbs 13 oz), Kaylee (3 lbs), and Jadon (4 lbs). As Addison was delivered Jerry let out a breathy “Oh my God, Oh baby” as if he was seeing a spectacular miracle first hand. Well… I guess he was.

That was two years ago...

The past two years have taken all of my emotions to the extreme. I have had extreme fear as I prayed for each week of the pregnancy, extreme worry as they spent time in the NICU, extreme fatigue in caring for three babies, extreme joy for the miracle times three, extreme thankfulness for the help of my extraordinary parents who have been a tremendous help, extreme love for my husband and the father he has become, and extreme reverence for the Lord and his many blessings. I said I always wanted four babies… well, 21 months after having the triplets, the Lord blessed us again with yet another miracle baby.

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