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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Planes, trains, automobiles and mountains

Back in April.... yes, April....  I've needed to blog this for a long time.....

We took the kids to Colorado to ski!  It was their first time to fly and I was so excited to see their reaction to flying, but they were most interested in Mulan playing on the TV.

They got to ride the airport trains from terminal to terminal which they loved.... and we rented a car to drive up the mountain to their next first... SNOW!!!!!!!

It was snowing like crazy all the way up the mountain and when we reached Breckenridge, the snow was soft and powdering so we went out for a snowball fight (gotta check out the video)!  MAGIC!!!!!

The next couple days the kids hung out at ski school while Jerry and I hit the mountain and brushed up on our skills, but finally the kids were ready to join us!!

I was a nervous wreck with them up on the chair lifts and it started off pretty rough getting down the mountain with all of them, but we finally got in a groove.

The 1st time down the mountain, I was the leader... but hated it!!!  Jerry was a back seat driver and I never knew if someone had fallen or not... miserable!!!

The next run, I took the back.... so when a child fell down, I rushed to the rescue and got them back on their feet and we were off again!!!  The back was a lot of work since I was picking up kids and dragging kids over the flat stretches, but I didn't mind and loved working with them!!  I was truly amazed at how well they did!!!  They are awesome little skiers!!! (gotta check out the video)!

It truly was an incredible vacation!!!!  On the way home, I had complete laryngitis and was trying to get  4 kids through the airport with literally no voice and Jadon lost a tooth while we were turning in our car at the rental place.

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