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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teeth, School and Funeral

Last Wednesday the kids started back at school!!  The triplets are now in 1st grade and Cody is repeating Pre-K 4, but at a new school.  We moved him from the PreSchool to the triplets school this year so they are all together and on the same drop off and pick up schedule (woo hoo).

The night before school started, Kaylee lost her 1st top tooth so we had another visit from the lovely tooth fairy.  This evening, Kaylee lost her other top front tooth (and looks adorable with them both gone), so now she is singing "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth".  

Addison, has devised a plan to catch the tooth fairy.  She wants to hide under Kaylee's bed, put her tooth in a jar and when the fairy goes in the jar to retrieve the tooth, she will put a lid on it and catch her.... but just long enough to take her picture.  She doesn't want all the other kids to not get money for their teeth.

On a sad note, the priest at our Church passed away over the weekend.  School was cancelled today to allow students and families to attend the funeral and children were asked to wear their school uniforms. It was the kids first funeral and to be honest, they thought it was just another Mass.  There was a huge turnout and was very impressive.  His family is in our prayers.

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