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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"M-I-S-E-R-Y" It's not all about winning….

On Sunday, Jerry ran the Houston Marathon for the 6th time.  The last time he ran it was in 2005, ten years later and having just celebrated his 50th birthday days earlier, he proved he's still got it.

On Tuesday, Jadon participated in his first spelling bee.  He was one of three chosen from his class to participate which was an accomplishment in and of itself.  We studied on and off, but the night before the bee Jadon expressed some concern over potentially not winning…

Jerry talked to him about it….  
"Jadon, you know how I ran the marathon the other day?"
"Did I win?"
"Were you still proud of me"

the message was received.

Jadon did AWESOME in the Bee!!!  Each time it was his turn… he walked over to the mic with a bounce in his step and huge smile on his face.  He made it to 4th place before missing the word "Misery."  He spelled it with an "a".  

Before the Bee was over every single child misspelled one word.  The winner spelled a word wrong, then the second place finisher spelled a word wrong.  So they each got another chance…. 

Jadon walked away very proud of himself…  I have to say I walked away a nervous wreck!!!!  It was stressful sitting quietly and holding my breath with each letter.

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