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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Moving Along….

Sooooo much has happened and life became super crazy busy when we purchased a new home and moved yet again February 28th.  I had been leasing a photography studio for 2 years and loved the studio, but was looking for a way not to have to pay rent… and we wanted a quiet street and more room for the kids.  We found a home that met all our needs.  On nearly 2 acres and a huge apartment/studio we took the plunge and moved again and we moved the studio.

It seems every home we buy needs a lot of work and this one was no different.  Every inch has been scrubbed, painted, and fixed up in one form or fashion… but now we have a new awesome home and a rent free amazing studio space!!!

We have two beautiful horses next door and tons of room for the kids to play:

It wasn't long after we moved in that the kids finally learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.  We all own bikes now and regularly ride around the neighborhood and over to my parents house…. yep… they are right down the road!!

Shortly after moving in we also learned we have about a 1/2 acre bluebonnet field… Gorgeous!!!!

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