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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sea World II

The kids got out of school a week before public school so Jerry thought it might be a good time to take the kids to Sea World again.  The last time we went Cody had just turned one and the triplets were almost three and in the middle of potty training.

WOW… Jerry was brilliant… we literally had Sea World to ourselves.  We parked right at the entrance had a blast.

As we pulled up the 1st day (the 1st week of June), Cody lost his 1st tooth!!!  WOW!!  So the tooth fairy had to find us at San Antonio.

All Addison wanted to do was ride the BIG roller coaster the Steel Eel, but I wouldn't let her.  The next day she was mad at me all day… but we finally rode the Atlantas Express (or something like that), it is a smaller water roller coasted, but still pretty big.  I was brave enough to get on with them and the one big "drop" which goes backward… got their attention!!!!!!  I could see it on their faces, but while three of them loved it, it scared Addison to death.  The rest of the day she thanked me for not letting her ride the Steel Eel.  We rode the water roller coaster a couple more time but Addison did not like it and was a bit teary on the last ride.

It was a great way to start the summer!!

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