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Friday, October 3, 2014

Catching up yet again

Seems like I am always playing catch up on the blog…. ugh, but I refuse to let this go….

We did celebrate a birthday in July… my baby is SIX years old… this year he wanted a Panda Bear cake so we went with Kung Foo Panda.

Kaylee was recently fitted for a head gear and looks just adorable in it….  she is young enough that she LOVES it.  She feels special because it's an experience she doesn't have to share with her siblings.

 Addison is now missing her two front teeth (she lost one on the last day of our annual beach vacation)… this time the dentist didn't have to pull them.  The finally came out on their own.

Cody took a spill in the house… running…. I had just said "NO running in the house when he went down.  Several external and internal stitches resulted.

A quick picture of the girls at church holding some of the new babies….  

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  1. Just stopping by to say hello! I've not been blogging consistently over the past ~year, and I miss it so much! My babies just started kindergarten, and I started back to work. Lots of changes in our world, for sure.

    Incredible to see how big your babies are! ;) I hate to see that gash, but hope everyone is otherwise OK. Best to you all, Tracy!


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