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Friday, October 31, 2014

When the Saints Go Marching in….

Before I started the business I used to photograph the children ALL THE TIME…. to the point they would run from the camera when it came out, but now it’s usually iPhone pictures of them at events.  I’m editing client photos all day every day that the kids portraits have suffered.
I have been wanting to photograph them for a while and we recently finished our 1st shoot.  Tomorrow is All Saints Day and the kids will be dressing up as Saints with friends and classmates for an event at the Church….  I was thrilled at their eagerness and enthusiasm for jumping back in front of the camera.  They wanted to pose, they took direction and they wanted to do well.  As a result, I think we captured some truly phenomenal shots and I can’t wait to photograph them again.  I thought they each did an incredible job portraying their saint.  This afternoon will be the Halloween costume shoot and soon to follow the Christmas card shoot.  What I used to dread, I am now eager about.
In creating the saint costumes…. it totally helped having photography props!!!  My red rose crown for Saint Rose of Lima, my shredded muslim skirt for Saint Joan of Arc, the fur vest for Saint John the Baptist, and my red cape for Saint George.
Kaylee (one of our triplets): Saint Rose of Lima
Addison (one of our triplets): Saint Joan of Arc
Cody:  Saint George
Jadon (one of our triplets): Saint John the Baptist

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