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Sunday, February 1, 2009

After much delay

Well, after much delay Cody is finally on solids. I was hoping to keep him on a bottle until he was off to college, but he has started waking up before his morning bottle is due and sucking all his bottles down throughout the day.... so it is time. On Friday night we gave him his 1st taste of cereal. Of course the initial reaction was "@%$@# I'm HUNGRY... what the @#$@% is THIS???" So we gave him his bottle. Once the bottle was down and he was happier we tried again. He seemed confused the 1st couple of bites, not knowing what to do with the paste in his mouth, but soon realized YUMMMMM..... and opened for more. However, all he knows is how to suck, so he would start sucking the moment the spoon approached his lips. He looked like a little fish. He is still working on learning how to swallow, but all in all is doing great and loving this new experience.

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