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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Terrible Twos... not soo terrible.

When the triplets were born, I thought every age was the best age, but each age just seems to be getting better and better. Now that Cody has come along, I realize nothing is sweeter than the smell of a baby or warms the heart like those little laughs and smiles, but for the most part babies sleep, poop, eat, and cry. But at 2 years old, those same little babies crack jokes, imitate you, converse, and communicate. Last night I asked Kaylee to eat some her sandwich since she hadn't even tasted it. Jadon put a piece of the sandwich on his fork, held it out for Kaylee and said "just one bite," which is a motto in our house and when Addison said she was done eating Jadon held out a bite her way and said, "Last bite, just one more bite." "Last bite" is my way of trying to get just one more morsel into their mouths. Kaylee has been singing Jesus Love Me a lot recently and she knows all the words. They know their alphabet, colors, and numbers and love to learn. We play and talk and have fun and watching them interact with each other is funnier than words can describe.

I have to say 18 months to 2 years was hard because the communication wasn't there yet. If they had to wait just one minute for their drink they would melt down, but now they understand I'm making the drink and it will just be a minute. They also understand consequences now so we are once again eating out as a family.

They aren't napping as well as they once did (as I am listening to them sing the Noah's Ark song over the baby monitor now), but they do play in their beds for two hours each day. Thus far, I am LOVING the twos and can't wait to see what each future age brings.

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