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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Growing up

Well, my babies are growing up.... On Sunday we purchased 2 twin beds for the girls. Addison has been climbing out of her crib at naptime, so it seemed time. We moved Jadon into Cody's room but are keeping him in his crib for a while since he seems happy there. Now we have the boys room and the girls room. I was afraid the transition would be difficult, but thus far we haven't had any problems. The girls have not gotten out of their beds at all (once the lights go out at night) and the naps are no more difficult than they were with their cribs. So far so good. I'm sure we will have problems down the road, but all is good for now. The girls LOVE their new beds and Kaylee gets very upset if anyone touches her bed, "No Jadon, This is MY bed!!" and Jadon doesn't seem to care what's going on. He is content to sleep wherever we put him.

Now I'm just excited to start redecorating the girl's room.

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