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Friday, February 12, 2010


I had my 1st parent teacher conference yesterday allowing the teachers to let me know how my 3 year olds are doing in Mom's Day Out and I'm glad to say they are all doing great and meeting all their milestones. Thought I'd dedicate a post to each child over the next few days.

From the teachers, "Kaylee is a loving little socialite who plays with all of her classmates. She loves to talk to and play with everyone. She enjoys playing dress up, putting puzzles together, and playing in the sand, but she especially enjoys going to the, "Baby Chapel." Kaylee knows all of her colors and shapes and is getting better at sharing with her brother. Ms. Jeannette and I feel blessed to have Kaylee in our room this year."

Recently, Kaylee has become my little artist at home. She LOVES to color and will color several times a day for long periods of time. When the others get bored, she is still at it. She gives out random kisses and "I Love Yous." And she is just funny.... Yesterday, she got out of bed still asleep and walked straight into the wall by her bed and said... "Oh, I thought that was the door" and laughed at herself.
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