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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Exhaustion Overload.....

It's the end of a good weekend, but I am exhausted (as usual). It floors me sometimes the amount of energy it takes to take care of and entertain these kiddos... From "I need a drink", to "I'm all done" (finished pooping), to "wipe my nose", to "I don't want to do (fill in the blank)". I am exhausted. I sit here trying to recall what we did yesterday because it feels like a million years ago... Ahhh yes!!! How could I forget!!!!! Shoes, oh, but that was after the air conditioner repair man left. We took the kids to Payless on a miserable rainy day. The initial reaction was chaos as they tried to contain the excitement exploding from every pore. Clearly we were about to loose control, so everyone was quickly ordered to SIT!!! Jerry then had to take Cody outside a minute, I'm not sure why. The girls first, we tried on shoes while Jadon bombarded me with "I need to measure my foot. I need to measure my foot. MOM, I need to measure my foot. I nnnneeeeedddd to measure my foot. MOOOMMMM...." Yea, Jerry came back and measured Jadon's foot. Now it's the boys turn. Foolish us, we turned our back on the girls for a minute and they started taking shoes out of boxes. Once again, everyone sit down!! We did manage to leave with 2 pairs of new shoes for each child. Fortunately, I've gotten to know the sales girl there pretty well and she took great care of us. Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Kaylee tore the princess sticker she got at Payless, I had to listen to her moan about it throughout the meal. Jadon was once again unhappy and Cody started to fall asleep in his highchair so he was unhappy we wouldn't let him sleep (everyone naps at home at the same time for my sanity!!!!). Despite all the going on.... we didn't disturb anyone and had lunch. After naps, we dressed everyone for Church (decided to go Saturday night) and headed off to Mass. This is probably the most stressful hour of my week every week. Will they all behave for an hour.... this week was ok and we actually got a comment on how good they were. We then went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Kaylee had a poo poo attack and flew out of her chair. We went to the bathroom and she was successful immediately. I held her hands so she wouldn't touch anything and held my breath. I can't believe that stench can come out of such a little girl. We hung out there at least 10 minutes with "Kaylee, are you done yet?" "No, Mom not yet." and she was right she wasn't done. Ahh, the joys of Motherhood. We finished dinner went home and put everyone to bed. Yea, 9:00 we are finally off duty. I think my fingers are tired just talking about Saturday.... Sunday has been just as hectic with a trip to the mall, lunch in the food court, making dinner, and all the meltdowns in between so it's off to bed for me!!!! test

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