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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Went to the Rodeo, but it was a ZOO!!

On Wednesday, we decided it might be fun to have Jerry take off work and load up the kids for a trip to the Rodeo. The "kiddie carnival" opened at 11 so our plan was to get up at our normal time and get there about 10:30. All went as planned until we got to the venue. Traffic was backed up and parking a nightmare. We found a spot close to the shuttle which was great. It was funny, they loaded up our quad stroller kids and all onto the shuttle. Upon arrival Jerry stood in line for ride tickets and I stood in line for a ride.... needless to say, we rode one ride since the lines just got longer and longer. We were able to squeeze in a camel ride (a real camel) which was cool. Addison and Jadon rode one and Kaylee, Cody, and myself rode the other. Lunch was a nightmare with lines and no seating.... Jadon was in a cranky mood... Again. But, we did get some food down. After that we headed over to the petting zoo. The kids LOVED it... I just wanted to wash everyone's hands which we did promptly upon leaving. Our last stop was a kiddie farmers market which was very cute. I pulled out the camera and took a few shots (posted below). On our way out we looked at all the show animals and got some cotton candy. It was an OK trip..... but WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE. It was the week of spring break which was a huge mistake on our part, live and learn.

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