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Sunday, March 28, 2010

No News of any Excitment

Staying organized with 4 small kids is no small task... and projects are not really my thing, but this past week I did create a messaging center to keep up with our calendar and the kids school calendars. It has a cork board and a chalkboard. My Mom is soooo proud that I did a project given she is a regular Martha Stewart and queen of projects.

On another note, when the movie the Princess & Frog came out in theaters, Jerry and I had planned to take the triplets. We thought they were old enough to sit through a childrens movie in theaters. Well, we purchased a new home and the work never seemed to stop, so we didn't make it to the movies. The movie finally came out on DVD and we purchased it for a movie night at home. The kids were excited and sat still for a while.... we managed to get through the movie, but their attention span is still a little lacking.

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