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Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Milestone...5 Years/4 Kids

Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary & the 1st time since our 1st year of marriage that I can say my years of marriage outnumber my children. But, it has been an extraordinary 5 years and having seen my husband become a father, I love him even more today than I did the day I said "I do." My husband is my friend and he would rather spend his time at home than anywhere else. He is a hard worker, but places family before work. He is an awesome father who is in the trenches with me every chance he gets and he never complains. He is smart.... I worked in the same company with him for years.... I know his work. He is giving... he volunteered his Wednesday evenings at the Children's Cancer Center before we were married. He is loving.... OH MY... He has always made me feel loved and special beyond words. He takes care of me and the kids and that is his 1st priority. I could write a book about my husband and his wonderful qualities, but when the kids read this years from now as adults, I just want them to know I love their Daddy with all my heart.

Raising multiples is hard and requires a great deal of sacrifice. but we make a great team and we love our life, our children and each other.

And thank you again to my Mom & Dad for the most beautiful wedding a girl could ever ask for.... I LOVE YOU both!!!



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