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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Pitty Party is Over

Well, I'm past my pitty party and feeling better. Every family has it's challenges and ups and downs. We are no different. I am still tired, however this time it is from being up the past few nights with sick girls. We've been very fortunate that illnesses for the most part have been pretty mild in our home (except for Cody's 106 fever recently), but I have to say this is a bad one. The girls are up every couple hours crying cause they can't breath with stuffy noses and burning up with high fevers. Kaylee has vomited several times in bed and all over the downstairs sofa. Jerry and I are exhaused and keep praying they are better soon and the boys don't get it.
Here is a flashback photo to October 2009 in the pumpkins and another from March 2009 "High Flyer":

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