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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jesus, Moses, Mary & Joseph live in our home

I love that when our kids play dress up, while they often choose to be Peter Pan, Cinderella, or Tinkerbell, most of the time they choose to act out stories from the Bible. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Moses and many others come to life in our home as the kids tie blankets around their heads and place a baby doll in a basket. Sometimes the baby is Jesus and other times baby Moses, but I've seen Jesus in the manger, I've seen David take down Goliath, and I've seen Daniel in the Lions Den. The stories of the Bible are alive in our home.

Here is Jadon in the role of Joseph (his favorite character)

You can see the straight out of the camera shots here. The originals were so dark that when I lightened them they came out a little noisy, but they are ok.


  1. Such sweet kids. Thought of you when I was cruising this afternoon. . . since you have three peas and a "bean" . . .


    Check it out!

  2. Thank you soooo much!!!!! What a great site. I sent it onto my Mom and a couple friends.


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