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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Last Day of School....

Well, the kids are enjoying their last day of school today.... I myself am trying to cherish the last morning for 3 months that I can enjoy quiet... I was afraid Jadon wasn't going to make it. I think he has an ear infection, so my guess is we will be at the clinic this afternoon. Never a dull moment. In fact, my Mom and I were talking this morning and for some reason things have gotten harder. Things never stay the same and we are drifting into some difficult territory. The other day, Cody was having a fit because he didn't want to get dressed, Addison was melting down over something (I don't recall), Jadon was trying to get my attention so he was pulling on my face trying to get me to make eye contact and listen to him... that was only 3 of the 4 kiddos. Right now, everything also seems to be a battle. If I ever said, "ok guys, lets go get our teeth brushed" without someone complaining or giving me a hard time, I swear I'd fall over from the shock!!! I keep holding out for 4... I've got it in my mind that things will get easier at 4!!! Of course, Cody will still only be 2.... whew.... "Dear Heavenly Father, Please give me the strength to cope with my blessings."

However....  I have to say, Kids grow up soooo fast....  Everyone tells you that and the typical response is "yea, they do... I know."  But, really, they grow up soooo fast.  I was talking to the triplets teachers from last year when they were 2 year old babies (Cody's age!!!) and now another year has already gone by.  I truly can't believe it!!!  I hurts my heart to know time is passing sooo quickly.

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  1. Time does pass way to quickly... my beautiful baby girl turns 18 in just a couple of months, my other beautiful baby just turned 16, and my sweet little baby will be 13 in 6 weeks.... where did the time go??


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