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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wild Weekend and School Photos

This weekend we celebrated my Mom's birthday (belated) & Mother's Day.  On Friday, GG came up and we went to dinner at Neals.  We eat out several nights a week, but recently have had bad luck at Neals with the kids.  They love the restaurant, but one night Addison got choked on a quarter (very scary), another night Kaylee fell out of her booster and took a plate of food with her, another night Addison was freaked out by a cross between a butterfly and a bee.  We aren't sure what the bug was but she freaked out.  Another night, Jadon with is very sensitive gag flex didn't like a bite, couldn't get it out of his mouth fast enough and threw up his chocolate milk on the table.  So, needless to say.... I was fearful.  We have been going to this restaurant since the triplets were 4 months old, we are known well and everyone has been very nice about it, but I was still fearful.  The night went fine and I was able to breath a sigh of relief.

On Saturday, we had a pool party at MawMaw and PawPaws house and had a GREAT time, until I lit the candles for the birthday cake.  From inside the house I heard Jadon's head hit the concrete outside.  The injury was ugly and very scary which took us to the ER....  after being check out, he is ok but has a nice bruise on the head....

Sunday we went to Church and to the Olive Garden afterwards.  Each child got their own entree (childs plate of course), but we typically get a couple dishes and make them all share.  Well, Jadon was overwhelmed that he got a "big plate" all to himself.  He didn't eat it, but he was sooooo excited.  Addison I swear scarfed down her spaghetti in two seconds flat!!!

It was a great weekend and I thank my parents for hosting!!!

The kids got their school pictures today so had to post them:  By the way, my photos are "clickable" again.  Click them once to bring up the http link then click them again to see them full size.
Here is the triplets (all dressed in red) class with Miss Heather and Miss Jeanette
Here is Cody's (blue striped shirt) class with Miss Claudette and Miss Sharon

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