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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

School is winding down, ugh!!

Ahhhh, just picked up the kids from school and they are all down for naps now. I had a great morning with my Mom just hanging out and talking. I swear the two of us can talk for hours and the same things over and over and love every minute of it. The kids only have two more days of school before summer and I am working to gear myself to giving up my two mornings a week. I just need to find lots of activities to keep us busy. I painted the girls fingernails and toe nails yesterday for the 1st time which they loved but poor Jadon was left out so we painted one toe on him.  Well, I'm off to nap myself before the next shift starts.... the dinner hour, ugh!!!


  1. Tracy!! I love your work! Enough said!

  2. O.K..I finally figured out why I miss your posts!! It's because you don't have a follow button! So I just added you to my blogroll! Phew...now I won't miss one!


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