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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Are these potties loud or quiet?

Why I haven't posted about this yet I just don't know...

Earlier this year, Jadon was going through a phase where he would use a public restroom with me, but not with Jerry.  I think he was going through the transition of going seated vs standing... I don't know.   Well, we were at a restaurant and he needed to go to the bathroom. Jerry took him and a few minutes later he came out frustrated that Jadon wouldn't go.  I asked Jadon if he wanted to go with me, but at this point Jadon was a bit upset and didn't want to go at all.  After some pleading and telling him, "it would make my heart smile" if we went potty he agreed.  We went into the stall, he sat down and was getting ready to go when the toilet flushed automatically....  Que, tears and screaming....  he nearly flew off the seat but I managed to keep him seated.....

After much calming, I had the flusher covered and promised it wouldn't flush again.  He was about to potty again and AGAIN that darn potty flushed.  Well, that was it....  he wasn't about to go potty... so we left with him in tears crying all the way to the car, "That potty was too loud."

To this day, if we are in a restaurant and he needs to go potty he asks, "Are these potties loud or quiet?"  Of course, he now goes with Jerry and stands so I don't think there is any flushing involved, but not sure...  that's guy business.

DSC_1738  Untitled-2 
DSC_1874a  DSC_2028-Final 
DSC_1755 DSC_1866


  1. What a fun day! Your captures always make me smile.

  2. Ugh!! I hate those toilets. Dustyn was almost fully potty trained 6 months ago. Then one flushed on him. Then he wouldn't go out in public at all. So we finally got him to go out in public. Then the other night one flushed 3 TIMES while he was on it. He freaked out!!! So I am trying to get him to stand up now. He finally did it for the first time tonight. :)

    Great photos. :) Sorry my comment was so long.


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