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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ca' Ching

This morning I woke up and left the kids in the able hands of my parents so that I could be one of the 1st in line for school registration for next year. It's 1st come 1st serve, so while registration doesn't begin until 9:00, the line begins about 7:00. I was number 6 in line.

If you recall a post from a few weeks ago "Ever Feel Like Your Bleeding Money" well the bleeding continues.  The big 'ol honkin' check I handed over to the school Ca' Ching, the money we spent to fix Jerry's truck yesterday (wheel bearings or something) Ca' Ching, and the many other hits our account has taken lately... Ca' Ching....  We are fortunate that we can meet all the demands, but it slows us down when trying to meet our long term goals.

OK, WE HAD A THREE DAY WEEKEND AND I DIDN'T GET ANY PHOTOS!!!  It just didn't work out.  I got one of the kids in the tub with Cody pouring water on Addison which is below, but then I got to thinking....  This weeks theme at MCP 52 is the view from here and it got me thinking about the most beautiful view ever... the view of the triplets from my bed when they 1st came home.  It doesn't qualify for Project 52 given it wasn't taken this week, but I thought I'd journey back memory lane and share.  I laid in that bed for 3 months looking at empty bouncy seats waiting for them, so to finally see them born and in our home was amazing!!

WOW!!  They were such babies...  now they are little kids...  people tell you the time goes quickly, but you just can't comprehend how quickly until you look at baby pictures.




  1. What a sweet moment...I'm glad you shared this photo, I cannot imagine the emotions you were feeling when you brought them all home, God is so good!

  2. Hello, my name is CJ. I found your blog through the Great Umbrella Hiest! Love your kids. They are all so beautiful! I can how much harder for you than me having twins. It's like quadruple the work. I know they are a blessing and I know they probably drive you nuts sometimes. But I love being a mother of multiples. Check out my blog sometime. I plan to keep up with yours. My boys just turned 2.


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