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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I think we're alone now

After Jerry got home last night, I grabbed Kaylee and the two of us had some time alone. We drove around and looked for photo taking spots and talked. She sat in Cody's carseat which is one row up from hers and talked and talked and talked the whole time we were in the car. She asked what all the things on the dash board did and she talked about traffic (we got stuck for a bit in some)... Man, that girl can talk!!! We had a lovely time for about 45 minutes until it just got too dark for pics. Here is one I managed to get edited last night. I'll share more in the coming days.


  1. Beautiful shot! What a gorgeous little girl too!

  2. What a sweet time for you two! Love this picture.

  3. Stunning shot- but not that I am surprised. You take the most amazing photos- I always visit here when I am in need of inspiration & something to get me out taking pictures & try to improve.

    What a special time with your daughter. I love those moments!

  4. How fun! Wonderful photo.

  5. Wonderful photo! She is getting so big!


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