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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Illness Strikes Again

Well, this time it is Kaylee. She woke up a few days ago and her eyes were puffy and swollen.  I kind of thought it might be allergies. But, as the days went on she started having some nasal congestion. Night before last, she woke up several times during the night crying. Fortunately, I don't have to stay up with her very long.  I get up, hush her, and make sure she isn't running a fever and then it's back to bed.  But a couple hours later,  the routine begins again.  Last night we went through the same routine and this morning she complained about her ear hurting so off we went to the clinic (you know the one's in the grocery stores... LOVE THEM.  My Mom also needed to be seen for eyes, so it worked out well).  It was confirmed that Kaylee had an ear infection and so once again we have started another round of the pink liquid.

Ok the clinic visit details....
You know, I really hate it when I feel like the mom who doesn't have it all together. That's how I felt this morning at the clinic. First, Kaylee woke me early crying again so I was without makeup and hair sloppily up in a clippy with four babies acting like they've just been let free from the asylum. I soon realized that I failed to give them "The Speech" before we went in.   "The Speech";  You will not run around like crazy children… You will not get loud… You will act like big boys and girls… Do you understand? As a result, I felt like the out-of-control mom.  For some reason going somewhere new shoots off the adrenaline which puts their minds and bodies into silly mode.  They have to act silly, touch everything and force me to sound like this..."Jadon, come here, NOW.  Stand up.  Cody come here... Kaylee not right now I'm trying to talk to the nurse... Addison quit yelling at Cody.... Cody stand up... go sit in a chair now and don't move...  NOW...  leave the pen alone... don't open that door... SIT DOWN... Cody, sit with Mommy no down.  I can go on, but you get the idea.  Fortunately my mom was with me, so I was able to remove Cody from the situation for some disciplinary action and we quickly reined the crew back in.  Needless to say, there was another mother sitting close by with one little girl sitting so very nicely.  In my defense, I guess she was probably six or seven years old (so older than mine), but still sitting nice. I wanted to tell her don't judge me until you've wrestled 4 kids four and under.  Instead, I just tried to get control of the situation as quickly as possible.  I have taken one to pediatrician before and it's a TOTALLY different experience than taking all four.  I was soooo busy with Cody (yes, the terrible twos strike again) that I couldn't begin to deal with the triplets and am soooo thankful my Mom quickly got them interested in the "I'm thinking of an animal" game.   Most of the time, our outings go without issue but I have learned when going somewhere new it's best to give "The Speech."

On another note, the other day my mom brought over some old scarves for the kids to play with and I took this picture of Kaylee while she was playing.  She bit her tongue the other day chewing on a piece of ice and it's been hurting her so you can see was kinda messing with it in this photo.


  1. Tracy- so sorry to hear there are little ones under the weather at your place! I sure hope it is quick moving & everyone is feeling 100% soon.

    That is the most gorgeous shot of Kaylee. She is already beautiful but adding all the sparkle around her face just makes her eyes twinkle. :)

  2. Wow gorgeous picture!!

    So sorry about the sickies. J-boy is on his third ear infection this year!! They finally gave him augmentin wondering if the amox. wasn't clearing it all up each time! We are sick of being sick!!

    I so hear ya on "the speech"!! Sometimes it works...sometimes not!! ha ha

  3. I have started doing "The Speech" lately too and I didn't even realize at first that I was doing it. We were going to Greg's grandmother's viewing and funeral on Sunday/Monday this week in Midland and I explained ahead of time what would happen and how she needed to be polite, talk to people when they asked her questions and be on her best behaviour. She has been learning manners at school lately, so if she starts acting up, I say "Do we need to have another talk about good manners?" and she says "No" and then is very polite. At least it's working for now...I know it won't last!

  4. I hope Kaylee feels better soon.


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